We all deserve to be treated fairly and equally. We all deserve to be able to earn a living, get support when we need it and to feel secure in our homes, no matter where we're from. That's what makes our communities stronger.

But the UK's immigration system is standing in people's way. It pushes too many migrants - people who have come to the UK to make it their home - out of legal status.

When this happens, they're not able to work, to rent a home or to access healthcare. 

It doesn't have to be this way. With migrants' rights under unprecedented attack, it's time to take a stand for a better alternative.

Based on our work with undocumented migrants, we're proposing simple, workable reforms that would stop people falling through the cracks, and make sure everyone can access stable, legal status.

Write to your MP today, and help us take the movement for change straight to Parliament.

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