We're just weeks away from the EU Settlement Scheme deadline of June 30th when tens of thousands of EU citizens will become undocumented overnight. 

Write to your MP to urge them to take a stand with EU citizens who have made the UK their home, by calling on the government to lift the deadline before it's too late. 

The situation has never been more urgent. If even 1% of the millions of EU citizens resident in the UK are unable to apply on time that's tens of thousands of our EU friends and neighbours forced out of status and their rights to work, rent, access free healthcare and benefits. They will be subject to Hostile Environment policies including detention and removal. 

Overwhelming evidence shows that it is the most marginalised EU citizens who are in greatest danger of slipping through the cracks in the scheme. 

We all witnessed the devastating consequences faced by the Windrush generation. This is a chance for the Government to do the right thing before even more people feel the full force of the Hostile Environment.  

Lifting the deadline is the only way to protect EU citizens.

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