End the hostile environment – make Britain a fair place for all

People have always moved. Sometimes we move because we choose to, sometimes we move because we have no other choice.

But our immigration rules have been deliberately designed to make life difficult for migrants in the UK.

As Home Secretary, Theresa May introduced the Hostile Environment - a set of policies which put border controls into our hospitals, schools and communities.

These policies have had a devastating impact on migrants and people of colour.

The Windrush scandal highlighted the effects that the Hostile Environment has on the lives of those without the right papers. People have been denied healthcare, housing and employment. Some have even been denied detained and removed illegally.

With the Government’s decision to require EU nationals to register to continue living in their own homes post Brexit, there is now a real risk that tens of thousands more people will become subject to the Hostile Environment rules.

And every day we see the brutality and violence inherent in raids, detention and deportation. Detainees are emotionally and physically abused and bullied, and we know self-harm is endemic among people held in the detention estate.

We call on the Government to immediately:

  • Scrap the hostile environment policies which put borders into everyday life and have been shown to cause racial discrimination;
  • End all deportations and shut down the detention estate.

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