People have always moved. Down the road. To the next town, to the nearest city. And yes, sometimes people move across a border, to another country. Sometimes we move because we choose to, and sometimes we move because we have no other choice.

It takes hard work to build a home, learn the language and make friends in a new country. But politicians have built an immigration system that often makes it impossible for people to build and maintain a life and it frequently punishes them for even trying. Every day we see stories about people’s lives, families and communities being torn apart by a tangled mess of complex rules, an overstretched Home Office and a hostile environment. 

It doesn't have to be this way.

We believe it’s possible for Britain to be a place where people don’t suffer just because they move. Where newcomers are safe and welcome, and communities are strong and open. A place where we tell each other the truth: building fences and walls cannot change the fact that people have always moved and always will. And that all our lives are better because of it.