Ask your MP to scrap the price on love

In the UK, your right to love depends on how much money you earn. We believe this is wrong - but we need your help to make change happen

Any British person or settled resident who earns less than £18,600 a year - a level far higher than the minimum wage - is not allowed to live in the UK with a partner from outside Europe.

That means hundreds of thousands of NHS staff, care workers and teaching assistants don’t earn enough to build a life here with a partner from outside Europe. And over 15,000 children are currently growing up getting to know one of their parents over Skype, because the government says their other parent doesn't earn enough money.

These rules tear loving couples apart and have a devastating impact on children - you can find out more about them here.

We believe that your right to love should never be based on what you earn.

Take action with us now by writing to your MP, asking them to help us scrap the Minimum Income Requirement.

Just type in your postcode below. You'll be taken to a page with a message for your MP, where you can enter your details. Feel free to personalise the message, and then just hit 'Send' at the bottom of the page to be part of bringing families together, where they belong.