We believe that no one should be separated from their loved ones because of how much they earn - not now, and not ever. But that's the situation for tens of thousands of people living in the UK right now. Rules put in place in 2012 mean that at least 15,000 children are growing up without one of their parents, just because their family doesn't earn enough to meet strict Home Office income rules. 

These rules have caused heartache for years. But in the current crisis, when so many of us are struggling financially, it's more urgent than ever that we take action and scrap this rule - called the Minimum Income Requirement - so that families can be together, where they belong.

We can and must get this broken system fixed, so that no family has to fear being split up by these anti-family rules. If you, like us, believe that change is needed, you can take action with us by writing to your MP now. 

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